Getting started with #etmooc

I posted my introduction in the google + community but it was just about me professionally which isn’t usually how I like to describe myself…

I am a mom to beautiful 8 year old Kyla and partner to a teacher/writer/outdoor adventurer Kevin as well as a host/friend to a lovely Springer spaniel Ellie. I am a learner, runner, friend, co-conspirator, early-riser, live-music fan, red wine drinking, like to laugh til my stomach hurts kind of girl whose heart belongs to the east coast…

I HAVE been on a learning journey that finds me here hoping to connect, learn and share - HI :)

14 January 2013 ·

About Me and My Blog

I have worked a long time in post-secondary education and all of it has taken place at Sir Sandford Fleming College. My role for the past 12 years has primarily been part of course and program design teams to develop blended/online learning opportunities for full and part-time learners as a learning technology specialist (the postion has evolved over the years from web production technologist, elearning technologist to learning technology specialist).

I facilitate workshops, informal learning sessions, and answer any question that is directed my way :)

I am currently completing my Bachelor's of Adult Education at the University of Brock (one credit to complete).

I'm also a very proud mother and wife. My family are my barometer and the means by which I measure my balance.

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